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    Design, fabrication and installation of all your kitchen cabinetry needs.
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Kitchen Cabinets Tips

Kitchen Cabinets Tips

Covington Kitchen Cabinets provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Kitchen Cabinets ]

Improve Your Home With Covington Kitchen Cabinets You'll Love!

Nothing breathes life back into a home like new cabinets and counter. Over time, the kitchen surface sees a lot of work and a lot of wear, and like any work surface it eventually begins to bear the scars of battle. Giving the entire kitchen a face lift can make cooking and hosting guests a joy again. Stop being afraid to invite friends into the kitchen for a cup of tea. The room with pots and pans can stop being a work room and start being apart of daily life.

Improve Home Value

Most realtors recommend investing into the exterior of the home when trying to sell, but investing into some interior spaces can be just as smart. The kitchen is a heavily used area, and is also the part of the home that is likely to show evidence of use. Scratched and outdated counters, cabinets, and sinks turn off potential buyers and can potentially reduce selling price. New surfaces make an older home seem like new, and can yield more in value than the investment. The customer does not have to overdo it, but anything that looks like it came from another era probably needs replacing, especially if it does not in any way enhance beauty.

Modernize a Classic Home

Homes built in the sixties and seventies often used materials superior to homes built today, and are still in excellent condition to live in. They are often smaller and more economical. The only problem may be the outdated cabinetry. A wall is a wall, but the kitchen is rigged with yesteryear's technology. Replacing old cabinets makes the owner feel like they are in the 21st century and less like a grandma pinching a penny. New cabinets are often larger and better suited for modern pots and pans.